Killing Godzilla

I cannot take credit for this title. It comes from an on-line program called “Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally” and represents a picture of how we should be treating autoimmune disease. Dr Maggie Yu founded this program after developing an autoimmune condition while she was practicing as a traditional physician. She was unable to find relief using the prescribed methods from those in her field, so she turned to Integrative Medicine. She switched her practice and began using integrative medicine after finding personal success. Currently, Dr Yu helps thousands of suffers through an on-line program. Through this program you not only receive an education, some testing, mindset training and nutritional support, you also create friendships with other people who are dealing with the same struggles as you.

Now back to Godzilla...

Imagine a Godzilla stomping on your town. He takes out the grocery store, the post office and the grade school. Your town expert says let’s rebuild the school! Meanwhile, Godzilla stomps out the library. The town expert says let’s rebuild the post office! Meanwhile, Godzilla crashes down your favorite restaurant. You get the idea? When dealing with an autoimmune disease, traditional doctors are trained to treat your symptoms and prescribe drugs for the individual conditions while the main source of the disease is still causing havoc to your health.  We need to kill Godzilla and stop the source of the attack! Another example is the this. Your doctor may only be looking at one tree in the forest. For 5 years my NP (nurse practitioner) did not investigate my pleas. She focused on one tree or one building in the town. We needed to look at all the trees in the forest and find the source of the spreading disease. In other words, find and kill Godzilla!

I am not going to lie, this will take hard work, commitment and an investment with your time and money. I believe in programs like this. I also will admit this program is not my sole healing tool, but the education, support and friendships I’ve gained makes the investment worth it. I have always worked hard towards healing, but I now have confidence in what I am doing, and my knowledge is invaluable. I challenge my doctors and others who may not understand autoimmune disease. I have become a person who people turn to for support and understanding. Autoimmune disease will be a lifelong battle, but I have the tools and the education, along with the mindset to fight back!

I will be forever grateful for this program. Here is the link to “Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally”. If you are struggling and want to find out more about the program, I encourage you to check it out. I also attached the interviews I did with Dr Yu. The program has changed since I finished in April of 2018, but all for the best!

Videos from my journey with Dr. Yu’s Program

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