A Simple Breakfast


Breakfast is a favorite meal of mine! (In a future post I will get into the pros and cons of skipping this morning meal). When you are on a special diet intended to fight autoimmune disease, food choices are very important. Finding a quick and easy breakfast solution without relying on processed convenience foods (such as traditional cereals or frozen meal substitutes) can often be a challenge in our busy lives.

I do not eat eggs often but when I do, I only eat pasture raised eggs. I also like to include a vegetable that is usually left over from the dinner the previous night to help speed up cooking time while adding nutrient dense food items.

You will need:

A muffin tin or ramekin cups, along with olive oil spray

1 package, prosciutto (only use with 2 ingredients-pork & sea salt)

Pastured eggs

Add salt and pepper to taste (I use sea salt and organic pepper)

My leftover vegetable was roasted broccoli.


Take one piece of the prosciutto and put in the cup or muffin tin after you spray with the olive oil.

Crack one egg in each prepared cup. Salt and pepper them and you are done prepping!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and set your timer for around 15 minutes.

Tip: watch closely at first, all ovens are different.

I put my broccoli in my cast iron pan to heat it up and breakfast is ready! Think simplistic at times. It makes this restrictive diet must easier to follow, especially when learning how to eat healthier.

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