A Natural Way to Clean Makeup Brushes


Throughout my journey toward improved health and wellness, I’ve done my best to fuel my body with healthy, organic foods. I’ve also tried to cut out household and personal products with toxic ingredients as we absorb these products through our skin, and they can impact our health just as food does. Because of this, I do not wear a lot of make up these days, but when I do, I try to use only natural products. Did you know make up has an expiration date? If your make up is old, throw it out! How often do you clean the brushes? If you do not, you should. Some say it should be done once a week since they are used on your face and particularly on and around your eyes. I will admit I do not clean mine that often, but I try to make it a habit to clean them every month or so. Here is a simple recipe to clean your make up brushes. It’s super easy and only requires 3 ingredients:

{If you do not have Fractionated Coconut oil on hand, substitute with organic olive oil along with a few drops of unscented Dr Bronner’s castile liquid soap} 


2 tablespoons doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

5 drops Melaleuca oil

5 drops Grapefruit oil


Add Fractionated Coconut Oil and essential oils into a small bowl.

Swirl your makeup brush in the Fractionated Coconut Oil for 30 seconds, or until you see the makeup   stored in your brush start to come out.

Rub in a circular motion on the palm of hand to help get the makeup out.

Rinse the brush under warm water. Gently squeeze brush bristles until clean, and the water runs clear. Note: Make sure to point the bristles down when running under water. Direct water contact may loosen the glue where the bristles are attached and shorten the life of your brushes.

Let your newly cleaned makeup brushes dry on a towel for four hours, or until dry. Repeat once a month, or as needed.